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The Process Map shows the general steps involved in cross border freight and inventory storage.  The prices quoted here are indicative only and are subject to change

Australian Office
China Office
China W'house
China Customs
Shipping Co
Aust Customs
Aust W'House
Local Delivery

Customers can contact either our Australian office or China office to start the engagement

Customers or their manufacturer will deliver the products to our warehouse in China in time slot agreed by both parties

Customers need to prepare their own customs clearance documentation and clear customs in China

Customer will need to deposit 50% of the total international freight before departure

Customer will need to provide usual export documents including CHFTA COO

Customer will advise when goods will be picked up or storage at KD is required

Customer will take delivery or pick up stock from KD warehouse with full payment of invoices

KD Logistics will have detailed discussions with customers regarding requirements and provide list of required documents provided by customers

KD Logistics will issue instructions to customers for products delivery to its warehouse in China and will provide proof of receipts upon request.  KD will count, measure and check the packaging and contents of the stock to ensure compliance

KD Logistics will provide advice if required for customs clearance and issue proforma invoice for the international shipping and advise customer of definitive departure date.

Generally it takes 16-20 days before the container arrives in Australia.  KD Logistics will have the master Bill and act as the consignee to prepare all the import documentation for Australian customs clearance

KD Logistics will clear the customs, organise delivery from dock to its Australian warehouse and will inform customers when stock is available to be picked up or delivered to customers

KD Logistics will palletise your products or prepare them in accordance with customers instructions, store safely in its warehouse

KD Logistics can pick and pack and dispatch your products based on customers instructions



(Depending on if the goods delivered in time)


(Depending on if help is required for customs clearance)


(Conditions Apply)


(10% value of stock in Aust incl. freight)

AUD5.00/Pallet Space Per Week

(Conditions Apply)


(Depending on Services Provided)

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